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In order to know which spring pin you need for your Invicta watch, you have to measure the width of the space between the lugs of your watch where the strap would be located. There is a tool which you can get to make your life easier and which is the Invicta Watch Sizing Tool. It will allow you to remove pins easily (get it on Amazon).

Whether the strap of your Invicta watch is bruised or you want to change the look a bit, you’ve come to the right place. There are all sort of Invicta watches bands from the famous rubber band which is most used for diving and swimming activities, to the classy leather band which can suit almost everything you wear, passing by the stylish Ballistic Nylon and the classic stainless steel metal strap in various colors and designs.

Invicta Watch Bands Variations

I think you’ve noticed that some manufacturers have took the Invicta watches straps to the next level by including some feature which Invicta themselves didn’t include in their straps, like the Double Prong Buckle by Prefit.

How to Shorten an Invicta Watch Strap

Here is a video which shows you how you can remove links to shorter your watch. There are probably “cleaner” ways, but you get the idea…