Invicta Speedway Review – 9921 Men’s Watch


Today’s the time for a review on the Invicta Speedway 9921. In one sentence : affordable and high class looking watch. The Invicta Speedway is great deal for every Rolex Daytona lover who cannot afford to buy one. Especially with the discount I have brought for you, and which I’ve put the link to in this review. But first let’s dive into the details of this elegant watch. Invicta has gained fame in the watch market because of its premium looking timepieces that every small budget guy can get. This Invicta Speedway chronograph is one of the best design quality/price that you can find at the moment. So the first thing I will talk about on this review is the look.

The Professional Looking Speedway


I like a lot the design of the hour and minute hands. This is by far my personal favorite dial design from Invicta. Even though if the original design is owed to Rolex. Very sleek lines with a classy combination of black and white. An ideal look for a professional style. The black and white is a standard combination ready to be worn with all sort of colors. The number on the tachymeter are written with a small sized typeface, which adds a sense subtlety to the overall look all by staying useful. The black color of the Hour, Min and Sec sub-dials are what catch the eyes from the first sight. Really nicely designed elegant rings. I think that the cream white color of the hours indices is a great choice because it leaves more space for the black outlines of the sub-dials to look just the way it should. Invicta logo in the center near the 12 o’clock marker are of the same cream white. Another design detail that I like a lot is the “sunburst” on the middle of the dial which accentuate the overall classy look.

The Case

invicta-speedway-review-9921-mens-watch-3The case is made of stainless steel, and it measures 42.5mm (39.5mm without the crown). When looking for today’s watches standard, this is not a large watch. The watch and bracelet weigh 155g. The tachymeter markings on the bezel are more detailed than the other Invicta watches. On the caseback is engraved the Invicta logo as well as “INVICTA 9211” over a nice abstract steel texture. On the borders of the caseback is written “INVICTA PROFESSIONAL”.

The Dial

I have talked a bit about the Speedway’s dial which is a real success when it comes to the look. Another nice detail on the Speedway dial, which helps differentiate whether it’s AM or PM, is the 24H hand subdial at 3 o’clock. Important to note that this subdial is not separately adjustable for a second time zone. The minute subdial is loceated beside between the 8 and 10 o’clock and can time up to sixty minutes. Just like on a Zenith El Primero, the Invicta Speedway has the date window 45 degrees rotated and placed right next to the 4’oclock.
A funny thing that I like to watch on this Invicta Speedway is when you reset the chronograph the second and minute hands will quickly wind backwards while returning the zero position and will rotate as many times as you have used.
The crown is not so solid.The center crown controls the time and date, while the top and bottom one controls the sub-dial counters. Another good feature is the screw-down for chrono/timer pushers. This is a good option when considering water resistance.

The Bracelet


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The bracelet of the Invicta Speedway is a stainless steel with three rows. The links on the center are polished, while the outer links on both sides are burshed pretty much the same as the case. This is the most suitable bracelet in my opinion and which suits very well with the premium look of this watch. The bracelet links feels solid, but of course not the most solid you can find in the market. The price is not so high though. It comes with 8 links at the 12 o’clock side, and 7 links at the 6 o’clock side. You can of course remove these links if needed to adjust to your wrist. The clasp is a fold-over type, and is of the same brushed steel of the whole bracelet. The band’s clasp has also the letters “I N V I C T A” engraved on it.

The Movement

The movement of this watch is a Japanese TMI VD53B-14 Quartz Chronograph quartz with analog display, the same one that you find on almost all Invicta watches.


A great choice of elegance for both business and casual dressing style. Ideal for small and medium size wrists. For big wrists I recommend getting an Invicta Sub Aqua ( check our reviews page). With the Invicta Speedway, you get a Rolex look without the cost of it. Don’t miss the big Discount that Amazon put on it. Click Here to check this offer.