Invicta Reserve Venom Review – F0004 Chronograph Watch

invicta-reserve-venom-review-f0004-chronograph-watch-inside-boxThe Invicta Reserve Venom Chronograph watch is definitely one of the nicely designed timepieces by Invicta. What first caught my eyes are the solid and bumpy shapes that made me think of muscles, but does it have as much power as it seems? This is what I will expose in this review in order to help you decide whether it’s a good pick for you or not. And if you want to go even deeper, I will put a link down here to some customers reviews for you to read so that you get to know their experience with this watch.

The Venom Curvy Bezel

The undirectional bezel of the Invicta Reserve Venom is very unique when compared to the other Invicta’s collections. You can feel the complexity by which this bezel curvy shapes are sculpted. It seems like it has been modeled by the fingertips of a clay sculptor. The numbers printed are nicely placed and spaced out so that it doesn’t look busy. The numbers font is also nicely picked giving a professional look similar to professional hand timers.

The Invicta Watch Case

invicta-reserve-venom-review-f0004-chronograph-watch-crown-sideIt’s known that Invicta’s cases are durable because of the stainless steel material that it makes its watches of. The Venom Reserve’s polished case is also made of this same material in silver tone which makes a very nice contrast with the black rubber strap as well as the blue details inside the dial. Quit big and heavy, the case measures 22 millimeters in thickness and is 52 millimeters in diameter.

A Beautiful Chronograph Bright Face

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A bright face is always good to look at. This is the case of this Reserve Venom model, shiny light grey dial made of metal with nicely subtle blue outlines around the dials and sub-dials which resulted in a beautiful timepiece.

The Chronograph functions with 60 second, 30 minute and 1/10 of a second counters that are fairly readable and which are outlined by the nice navy blue. The date window of the Venom is placed between the 60 second and the 1/10 second sub dials in a diagonal way near the 4 hour marker which gives a nice dynamic to the overall design. The hours and minutes are white made in an arrow shape, which is a very straight forward design that could have been better, but it is quite efficient actually as it helps to get the time at a quick glance. The second hand is all blue. On the top near the 12 hour marker, you find the “INVICTA RESERVE” logo nicely place with a nice typo. Just right under the text logo, you find printed in black “1000 meters” (3280 feet) which indicates the water resistance of this watch.

The Invicta Reserve Venom is a Manual Wind Watch, which means that it doesn’t work with a battery, but it’s rather a mechanical one that can only be wound by hand.

On the Invicta’s instruction manual it says, “This type of watch should be wound daily”. The dial is protected by the Invicta Flame-Fusion crystal.

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invicta-reserve-venom-review-f0004-chronograph-watch-band-case-backThe Venom F0004 Band

The strap band of this Venom version is made of rubber, or more precisely Polyurethane. It is well-known that rubber is durable compared to other materials. The black color is the most suitable IMO to the bright silver tone of the case and bezel and it adds more contrast and matches very well the black printed numbers on the bezel. The rubber brings safety and convenience to the wearer. It measures 210mm in length and 26mm in size. Of course you can always change the strap to change a look when you want to, but when it’s diving time, you’d better keep the rubber strap as it’s the most suitable in that case. The clasp of the Venom is a regular type, and like all Invicta watches, the logo letter “I N V I C T A” are carved on the claps’s metal.

Invicta Reserve Venom F0004 Specs




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Components: Swiss

Caliber: 5040.D

Water Resistance

1000 meters

Case and Dial

Case Size: 53.7mm

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Crown Type: Screw Down

Crystal Type: Flame Fusion

Dial Material: Metal


Material: Polyurethane, Stainless Steel

Tone: Black

Length: 210mm

Size: 26mm

Buckle: Regular

Clasp: Regular


As a last word, I would say that the Invicta Reserve Venom is a timepiece with good architecture and design that made and still makes a great impression on watch collectors as well as on every fan of big and good looking watches with nice specs. Click here to check the price of the Venom.

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