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Welcome ! Our website was put together with the aim to provide useful Invicta watches reviews. A buyer always seeks the outcome that he would get from the product he want to purchase before taking action. This is where a review comes into play. Invicta watches, like all other watches, have the elements of the modern timepiece, namely the case, the bezel, the dial, the strap and all the sub-elements of each of these. In order to write a good Invicta watch review, every element is put under our scope to be rated. After this step, the report could be completed by gathering all the information which would result in an overall rating.
As you may know, Invicta has various interesting watches Collections (Subaqua, Reserve…etc). Because we can’t cover them all at once, we decided to start with the most popular ones and keep growing our Invicta watches database slowly but surely.

Invicta Watches Reputation

Invicta-Watches-Review-ratingsIn other words, is Invicta a good watch ? From the Invicta owners point of view, they know that they didn’t get a $7K Rolex, but there are different kinds of opinions. Some owners criticizes Invicta because the only collection they know of is the Pro Diver Collection, which is a Rolex Submariner homage, or because they have purchased one of the cheapest Invicta watches and made their opinion out of this single product. Others just don’t care too much about the reputation because all they want is to add some color to their watch box and enlarge their collection. You can also come across some people who hates Invicta company only because they “copy” (why not inspired) other brands. Anyway, Invicta has many great solid watches as well as lower ones.
I once stumbled upon this comment :

“I’ve had 2 pro divers.. One just fell apart and stopped working altogether within a month but i have had the other for 4 years and it keeps great time”. S.F.


Invicta Reviews by Collections

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